Content Creation, SEO & Social Media Publishing

1.1 Overview – Pure Bold provides a range of digital marketing services including Search Engine Optimisation and Content Publishing via a fixed fee and subscription basis to assist with a range of outcomes specified by the Client including brand exposure, lead generation and customer engagement.

1.2 Overview SEO – Pure Bold provides Search Engine Optimisation services for the purpose of brand exposure, increased traffic and lead generation through ranking position visibility on major, commercial search engines, eg. Google (SERPS) search engine results page.

1.3 Site Access. The Client will provide Pure Bold with Admin access to the website/s for updating of meta data and technical fixes agreed by the Client as a result of the site and SEO Audit.

1.4 As Is Usage. The Client agrees to use the services at its sole discretion and risk. The client accepts and agrees that Pure Bold has no direct control over the commercial search engines and uses currently recognised “white hat” tactics to influence ranking position along with optimised content and strategic placement of published content to increase exposure. The Client also acknowledges and accepts that Google regularly changes its algorithms and Pure Bold has no direct control over the results of any changes or how ranking position is affected by such changes; other than to apply what it deems as “best practice” to minimise any adverse risk as a result of changes.

1.5 Retained Rights. The Client shall own all rights to any content provided to Pure Bold and used through the process of the agreed proposal scope. The ownership of any content created for the Client shall revert to the Client upon full payment of the agreed scope. Any analysis, design or written content completed for the campaign cannot be resold, re-purposed, or re-used for any other purpose other than which it was intended.

1.6 Campaign Fees – The Client agrees to supply their credit card or establish a Direct Debit facility for the payment of ongoing fees. The Client is responsible for ensuring the credit card remains current and unrestricted.

  1. The Services are ongoing on a calendar month basis, irrespective of the commencement date, and unless cancelled or suspended by the Client. Cancellation of the Services will require the management fee to be paid for the month of cancellation regardless of the number of days the activities have been performed.
  2. Pure Bold uses various Third Party resources to estimate monthly traffic, competition and likely results. Pure Bold does not guarantee that these estimates are accurate or will result in the achievement of the estimates provided.

1.7 Results Guarantee. Pure Bold expressly does not guarantee results including but not limited to; an increase in ranking position, traffic, leads, sales or enquiries.

  1. Pure Bold will liaise with the Client monthly and provide detailed reports to ensure all parties are fully informed about progress and results at all times to ensure timely and informed decision-making.
  2. Pure Bold does not accept any liability for errors, omissions or ad copy or keywords that may be incorrect or subject to any claim. The Client is solely responsible for the accuracy, and legality of all published content, whether this has been created by Pure Bold on behalf of the Client or by the Client.
  3. The client warrants that they hold all rights, permissions and copyright to all information provided and fully indemnify Pure Bold against any and all claims, costs or actions regarding the use of information, files and graphics supplied by the client for Pure Bold to use in respect of contracted services provided to the client.

1.8 Website Performance. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the website including its code, performance, content and architecture are critical elements that contribute to how ranking position is determined by Google. Pure Bold will make recommendations to improve the website and any of these elements to aid ranking progress. The Client agrees that it will act upon the advice provided quickly and should it agree to implement the recommendations that it will do so at its own expense.

1.9 Third Party Access. The Client agrees that it will not employ any Third Party services that may compromise the updates performed on the website. Should any hardware, software or third party services negatively impact the updates performed on the site, the Client agrees that it will incur additional cost to rectify any impacted areas.

1.10 Link Building. The Client accepts that Link Building is an integral part of the SEO process and the Client is responsible for reviewing links obtained and requesting removal of any deemed unsuitable. The Client also accepts that while Pure Bold may create content for the purpose of back-linking, owners of third party websites may choose to alter the content provided. The Client is responsible for reviewing and requesting changes to any content that may be inaccurate, or contain errors or omissions.

1.11 Influencer & Industry Publication Fees. The Client acknowledges that blog sites and industry related sites and publications are useful targets for published content and back-linking and that the owners of these may request a fee or provide a fee schedule and packages to publish on those mediums. The Client will use such media at its own discretion and expense.

1.12 Ranking Fluctuation. The Client accepts that ranking positions fluctuate regularly and that drops in ranking position are common and likely to be temporary. Ranking positions are monitored regularly and are best observed via trends, or aggregate analysis based on desired metrics.