Search Engine & Social Media Advertising

1.1 Overview – Pure Bold provides a range of digital marketing services including Search Engine and Social Media Advertising and Remarketing / Retargeting via a fixed fee and subscription basis for the purpose of creating brand exposure and lead generation.

1.2 Retention of IP – Pure Bold does not manage Google Adwords inside existing accounts to protect its IP. A new Adwords account will be established and the contents will not be transferrable to any Third Party and access to the account is restricted to Pure Bold. Pure Bold will provide access to detailed reports on a monthly basis and information on request. Any existing account will be suspended while the new account is established. The Client acknowledges and accepts that any existing accounts must have no outstanding balance to enable a subsequent account to be established in a timely manner.

1.3 Campaign Fees – The Client agrees to supply their credit card for the establishment of the account and payment of ongoing fees required by the advertising platforms. Pure Bold does not use its own credit card to maintain full transparency of transactions. The Client is responsible for ensuring the credit card remains current and unrestricted.

  1. The Services are ongoing on a calendar month basis, irrespective of the commencement date, and unless cancelled or suspended by the Client. Cancellation of the Services will require the management fee to be paid for the month of cancellation regardless of the number of days the activities have been performed or the value of the budget spent. Where a Contract Term has been specified, termination criteria will also be specified and shall apply. Campaign spend (cost per click or impressions), however, can be suspended or stopped within 48 hours of written notice.
  2. Pure Bold uses the various platform resources to estimate monthly advertising budgets, likely traffic and results. Pure Bold does not guarantee that these estimates are accurate or will result in the achievement of the estimates provided.
  3. Pure Bold uses its best endeavours to use the Client’s monthly advertising budget responsibly and will apply its experience to manipulate multiple variables toward the achievement of desired results.
  4. The Client acknowledges and accepts that fluctuations in the monthly spend may occur. Underspend from one month will be rolled over into a future month. Should an overspend occur, this will also be recalculated and rectified in the subsequent month.
  5. Setup fees for Pay-Per-Click Setup, Management, Ad Spend and Landing Pages are payable in advance. Setups and Ads will not commence serving until the appropriate invoicing is paid in full.
  6. Campaign management fees exclusively cover the ongoing optimisation and improvement of the ads including ad copy/creative, keywords, targeting and bidding strategies, analysis and reporting as specified in any proposal or Order documentation. If and when required, the following are quoted separately: 
    1. Establish, sync, modify or update Google Merchant Centre integration with the website including any website modification in response to Google’s changes 
    2. Establish, sync, modify or update Shop and custom tracking integration with the website including any website modification in response to platform changes 
    3. Complete business verification submissions 
    4. Changes to the website to improve conversion rate optimisation 

1.4 Results Guarantee. Pure Bold expressly does not guarantee results including but not limited to; an increase in traffic, leads, sales or enquiries. Pure Bold will liaise with the Client monthly and provide detailed reports to ensure all parties are fully informed about progress and results at all times to ensure timely and informed decision-making.

  1. Pure Bold does not accept any liability for errors, omissions or ad copy or keywords that may be incorrect or subject to any claim. The Client is solely responsible for the accuracy, and legality of all published content, whether this has been created by Pure Bold on behalf of the Client or by the Client.
  2. The client warrants that they hold all rights, permissions and copyright to all information provided and fully indemnify Pure Bold against any and all claims, costs or actions regarding the use of information, files and graphics supplied by the client for Pure Bold to use in respect of contracted services provided to the client.

1.5 Website, Landing Page, Profile and Conversion Optimisation. The Client acknowledges and accepts that the website and landing pages or profiles are critical to the success of any advertising campaign. Pure Bold will make recommendations to improve the website, landing pages, profiles and other online assets to aid conversion. The Client agrees that it will act upon the advice provided quickly and should it agree to implement the recommendations that it will do so at its own expense.