Technical Maintenance & Support

1.1 Overview Technical Support – Pure Bold provides technical assistance to the Client with respect to the use of the Solutions and to resolve technical issues via a monthly subscription service and hourly rates. Support cases are tracked and managed through access to a Customer support portal (the “Customer Support Portal”). Support is available during Pure Bold’s business hours, Monday through Friday, excluding local holidays.

1.2 Overview Monthly Maintenance – As part of the monthly subscription service Pure Bold performs monthly maintenance checks to ensure the website and applications updates are performed and general performance is maintained to the best of its ability.

1.3 Updates. Includes updates, service packs, patches, and other Minor Releases for the Third Party platforms and plug-ins in use on the website and applications. It does not include Major Releases or other releases for any other products or services that the Client, in its sole discretion, licenses separately for an additional fee. Major Releases will be assessed and a Quote to perform the required actions will be provided to the Client at Pure Bold’s standard hourly rate.

1.4 Compatibility Guarantee. Pure Bold expressly does not guarantee that updates will be compatible with all technical aspects of the system and will advise the Client of any additional work required to ensure the website and applications can be updated to maintain performance.

The Client acknowledges that if the website or application has been created by a party other than Pure Bold, Pure Bold’s monthly maintenance subscription will not cover issues directly resulting from Third Party coding, scripts, software, platforms or applications used by the Client, in its sole discretion. Pure Bold’s monthly maintenance subscription will also not cover issues directly resulting from unauthorised use of the website or application or errors created by other Third Party suppliers contracted by the Client.

1.5 Performance Guarantee. Pure Bold expressly does not guarantee that monthly maintenance service or support will prevent against hacking attempts or other malicious activities that may compromise the site and its performance or that optimal performance will be maintained at all times. Pure Bold will advise The Client as it becomes aware of any issues affecting performance. The Client is solely responsible for all costs required to resolve errors caused by Third Parties, including recovery of the website from hacking attempts; and rectifying errors resulting in not acting upon advice of issues.

1.6 Termination. Thirty (30) days’ notice is required to terminate monthly servicing of the website and all fees are to be paid up to that date in full. Monthly technical support and maintenance ensures the Client’s website is properly maintained and updated so it does not provide a security risk to Pure Bold, or its clients where the website may use a shared hosting environment. If the Client’s website is to remain on Pure Bold servers without regularly scheduled maintenance, Pure Bold reserves the right to move the Client’s website to a stand-alone hosting environment at the expense of the Client.