The Idea

Previous website built by ASENZ had become the key contributor of lead generation for the practice. The website was now visually outdated and being a CMS, internal content additions had made the site look messy, lose visual and messaging impact.

CFC’s business had grown and it was now time for this small business to focus on brand and solidify its position as a market leader in their space.

Our Commitment

Your Bridge to Wellness

Your immediate health and long term wellbeing is our focus. Our team of experienced specialists work together. So you get faster, longer-lasting recovery from pain, ongoing care that puts you in control, and the tools and relationships for your self-managed wellness.

With over 100 years combined experience, we are the leading Allied Health Practice in Cranbourne.

The Challenge

The website needed a modern look without alienating a very local market. Brand strategy, articulating brand values, messaging or USP had not previously been done.

Lead generation from the website was significant and a new design had to preserve conversion rates and keyword ranking.

New demands for social integration were required.

163 pages of content had been created and needed to be rationalised, categorised and work in with a range of new services that were yet to be added to the website.


The Results

Brand values, messaging and USP were established up front to centre on the business’s promise of “long term health” for its primary audience. 

Design uses a modern style but not so over-styled or minimalist as to compromise connection with a local audience. Photography was arranged to capture the essence of their practice – dedicated and skilled practitioners, a tight knit “family”, a business that lives health and wellbeing, to further support the message.

SEO was preserved and optimisation extended to new pages. Lead generation and conversion rates increased.

Website was moved to a new platform to facilitate social integration and content syndication across social platforms has increased.

Content architecture was restructured to reduce clutter, link to related content and feature practitioners. CFC positioned as a leader of health and wellbeing services in their local market.

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